Saturday, 22 March 2008



Digital camera batteries said...

This is a great picture -- says so much about urban degeneration, anger expressed in grafitti art, and the lack of concern for cleanliness. It would be great if you had a commentary on your pictures too, or asked a question after the pictures to spark some type of discussion. Check out battertex for your camera batteries.

saxyphone said...

Very interesting choice of subjects for your shoots. Graffiti and Rubbish.. It can create a very wide range of discussion.. and probably debate.

Would you think it is of similar value or would it be insult between the contrast of the two? Those sorta questions immediately came to my mind when looking at this particular picture. Some people look at graffiti as art, some as vandalism, some as "trash".

From this, truly, it is a great picture! For the content in it. :D

sand said...

Thank you Saxyphone!

I think it's funny and quite unfair that both art and vandalism are classified under the same term. It depends hugely on one's artistic ability and choice of location to make it one or another.

This particular example of graffiti is somewhere in between as it doesn't have an artistic value but it does blend perfectly with it's surroundings.