Thursday, 14 February 2008

Dirty Dicks

Dirty Dicks pub, Bishopsgate, EC2
City of London

Dirty Dicks:
The Ultimate Love Story or The Utter Madness?

Nathaniel Bentley, a successful ironmonger from Leadenhall Street was about to marry the love of his life, when all of a sudden she died the night before the big day.

Heartbroken, Nathaniel locked the room where his wedding feast was set up, leaving the food on the tables to rot. He never washed nor changed his clothes since. After the death of his cats, they were left laying around the house untill they turned into mummies! He became a local legend and an ispiration for Dickens' Miss Havisham (Great Expectations ).

Later on, the items from Nathaniel's house were bought by a pub landlord who turned this eccentric story into a profitable business. Renaming the pub "Dirty Dicks" and displaying the decaying items (including the dead cats) around its rooms, he made it into the one of the most grotesque, yet most popular public houses in London.

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Jaden @ Screenwriting for Hollywood said...

That is fantastic! The kind of story I like.